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Most staff and translators, freelancers graduate from domestic and oversea universities with majors in foreign languages, foreign trade, law, engineering, technology, medicine, geology and minerals. … or higher, have interpreting skills, specialized knowledge in depth, good grasp of social and cultural information as well as the ability to exploit the internet effectively for work.

Orientation for development:

  • Contribute to the development of a professional translation market with healthy competition, provide perfect translation services for organizations and individuals in Vietnam and the word.
  • Become a Specialized Translation Company leading the market in the use of translation tools and the application of translation technology to deliver accurate, consistent, time and cost -saving services to the customer

 Application of technology in management and translation:

  • Apply technology to count the number of words to ensure clarity in quotation
  • Use translation tools to deliver accurate translations of content, consistent terminologies, the best text formatting, time savings, and translation costs.
  • Apply technology in management to ensure fast and effective workflow