Vietrans Translation Company is constantly striving for a professional specialized translation and notarized translation service with the criterion “Accurate, Affordable, Punctual”

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Business Philosophy:

  • Final Quality Means Client Success
  • For Faster Delivery, Everything Must Be Streamlined

Development Orientation:

  • We aim to become a market-leading provider of specialized project translation service by using support tools and applying CAT-based translation to provide more accurate and consistent translation quality and save our clients’ time and budget resources.
  • We seek to become a strong and civilized organization that significantly contributes to the overall development of a professional translation market in Vietnam and in the world.

Competitive advangtages

Human resource:

Our translators and project managers are all graduates from TOP language universities in Vietnam with high educational degrees, foreign language skills, and years of experience in translation industry.

Our collaborators consist of many experts and researchers in a variety of fields, who possess excellent professional knowledge and exceptional language skills.

Our managers and employees are all university/college graduates with relevant majors, who love to read and have great language skills together with the sense of responsibility, great adaptiveness, and good learning skills in digital era.

Technology Application:

Understanding the importance of technology in new era and recognizing the central role of human mind as the source of knowledge, Vietrans always develops to adapt to and apply technologies in translation to assist our translators in dealing with large-scale projects to offer a high level of consistency, quick delivery, and cost optimization for our clients.

Reasonable rates

  • Competitive rates for excellent service quality
  • Free consulting service for optimization of costs

Quick and on time

  • On-time delivery however volume it is
  • Urgent translation is available on weekends and public holidays


Thank you for your interest in Vietrans. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information about translation.

How about the translation process?

All of our specialized translation projects comply with Vietrans workflow as below:

1. Make a translation plan

We always carefully research to understand content of documents as well as clients’ specific requirements in terms of terminology, formatting, deadline, etc. to set up the most suitable translation plan.

2. Develop and prepare a terminology list

For each project, if the client has no specific requirements regarding his or her own style guide or pre-existing terminology, Vietrans will set up a common terminology list to ensure the consistency throughout the documents. This terminology list will be further enhanced along with the project and become a proprietary “asset” of the client for his or her next projects.

3. Prepare a uniform formating style guide

After reaching an agreement with the client about text format and style guide, Vietrans will prepare a uniform style guide for text formatting such as letter font, size, heading, numbering, layout, etc. to make it easy for merging and editing tasks later.

Note: We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such a style guide.

4. Translate and review the translation

Our translators perform the tasks following the agreed plan and professional experts’ advice (if needed).

Translated documents are then edited for many times by cross-checking among individual translators, joined, and finally edited by team leader, then it will be reviewed by a professional expert and proofreaded by a native reader (if required).

How to cooperate with you?

Please provide us with following information:

  • A pair of source and target languages
  • Preferred text format
  • Deadline
  • Country where the readers are based in?
  • Preferred glossary

Then, we shall provide our estimated quotation and translation plan, and then proceed with necessary steps for business.

What if you provided an inaccurate translation?

Please be noted that: Translation is not a science of precision, but there are different ways of interpreting a single phrase; therefore, we may provide the translation based on our subjective knowledge and judgments unless the client has provided specific requirements, such as styleguide, glossary, dialect, target readers, etc.

We shall be responsible to correct any spelling or grammatical mistake as well as for any material mistranslation (to be clarified in the contract).

Can you handle a large volume of highly specialized text?

Yes, we can. We are very pleased to handle highly specialized text with a large volume of words.

We have been the trusted provider of translation service for many major projects of both domestic and international organizations. Our team is professionally trained to participate in large-scale, highly specialized projects with the commitment to offer the best return to our Valued Clients.

What do you do to maintain the confidentiality of the document?

In addition to the Confidential clause in the contract, Vietrans shall execute a non-disclosure agreement as required by the Client for received documents, and represent to take the responsibility for any disclosure of information at Vietrans’ fault.

Can you provide urgent translation?

To ensure the quality and punctuality of the deliverables, we shall promptly provide our best answer based on our PM’s analysis of the client’s files.

If it is analyzed that we are capable of meeting the urgent deadline with acceptable quality, we reserve the option to charge an additional fee of 10-30% of translation rate depending on the level of urgency and client’s requirements.

What is your payment plan?

You are expected to make an advance payment of 50% of translation amount immediately after signing the contract, and the remaining 50% of payment shall be made within 02-05 days upon the delivery and acceptance.

Does Vietrans provide on-site translators to the client's office?

Vietrans does NOT provide on-site translators to the client’s office because:

We are only fully equipped with necessary facilities and resources to do our job with quality and deadline assurance to handle a project at our office.

Do you provide support if we need to update our files?

Yes. We are gladly to support our clients with their project updates, free of charge for a volume of less than 100 words.

How can a remote client work with you?

For specialized translation: Please send and accept the files via email and make the payment via account transfer.

For certified translation: Please send the original or certified copies of files to be translated by courier service and Vietrans shall deliver the translated and original (copy) files back to you. Payment is made via an account transfer.