With the business philosophy “Final Quality Means Client Success”,  In addition to ensuring the highest quality of translations, Vietrans always strives for the perfect customer services with the best price policy.

1. Page rates

Standard word count per page (based on the originals)

Word, Excel files: 350 words per page

Ppt files: 200 words per page

PDF, original images: 300 words per page

PDF, converted images, scans or photocopies: 250 words per page

Design files: based on the number of original pages (less than 150 words per page)

  • Documents are counted directly or using specialized software for text formats that do not allow word count.
  • Please contact us for word rates.

2. Word rates

Vietrans will give detailed quotation based on our Client’s number of words, special industries, format and your specific needs.

3. Translation fee

2 types: translation fee for specialized materials and the other fee for notarized materials

Depending on each type of language, level of difficulty in specialty, format and text form, dateline, etc. quotations will vary.

General rates for Hanoi and northern provinces

General rates for Saigon and southern provinces

4. Notarization fee 

Please contact us for the best rate.

5. Notarization of materials translated by Vietrans:

Please contact us for the best rate.

6. Certification Fee for translated materials

01 free certification

From the 2nd copy will be charged VND 20,000 per copy (less than 20 pages)

Please contact us for advice on selecting the appropriate interpretation and the best price.