Service policy

1. Confidentiality of documents

Your documents are kept strictly confidential by us no matter what quantity.

In addition to the confidentiality provisions stated in the contract, Vietrans will sign a separate NDA (Non Disclose Agreement) with our Clients as required to improve your trust in our security.

2. Service cancel

For any reason, wishing to stop our service while the translation is in progress, please notify Vietrans immediately so that we can terminate the translation and you will be responsible for the following charges:

Uncontracted Clients:

  • Translation fee for translated (or notarized) documents
  • 10% service fee among the total (quoted) cost up to the time Vietrans receives your notification and finishes the translation.
  • Vietrans will provide you with the translation for verification.

Contracted Clients:

Based on the amount of translated documents and the contract provisions on cancellation, the contract compensation rate will be applied accordingly.

3. Secured translation quality

Please note that translation and interpretation are not the only science that require a single accuracy; a phrase may be interpreted in several ways, so we will offer our translation/interpretation in a common way unless there are any requirements on translation, terminology, local language, etc.

To ensure the best quality of translation, Vietrans will provide a draft translation to our Clients step by step or under agreement. Please assist us checking any meanings, text style, terminology, spelling errors, etc. so that our translators can make timely edit and offer the most accurate translations.

4. Discount

Vietrans applies a discount policy to a large number of documents as follows:

  • More than 200 pages: 5% discount on total translation fees
  • Over 500 pages: 10% discount on the total translation fees

Note: Only discount on translation costs applies.

5. Delivery of documents

Vietrans deliver documents by services of Grabexpress, courier, bus, or direct delivery by Vietrans employees.

Free ship for translation services valued VND 05 million or more (based on the translation cost), not applicable to notarial services.

In cases of a large number of documents, Vietrans employees will make direct delivery at your office.

In other cases, please settle the shipping bills to the carrier.