All of our specialized translation projects comply with Vietrans workflow as below:

1. Make a translation plan

We always carefully research to understand content of documents as well as clients’ specific requirements in terms of terminology, formatting, deadline, etc. to set up the most suitable translation plan.

2. Develop and prepare a terminology list

For each project, if the client has no specific requirements regarding his or her own style guide or pre-existing terminology, Vietrans will set up a common terminology list to ensure the consistency throughout the documents. This terminology list will be further enhanced along with the project and become a proprietary “asset” of the client for his or her next projects.

Note: We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such a terminology list.

3. Prepare a uniform formating style guide

After reaching an agreement with the client about text format and style guide, Vietrans will prepare a uniform style guide for text formatting such as letter font, size, heading, numbering, layout, etc. to make it easy for merging and editing tasks later.

Note: We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such a style guide.

4. Translate and review the translation

Our translators perform the tasks following the agreed plan and professional experts’ advice (if needed).

Translated documents are then edited for many times by cross-checking among individual translators, joined, and finally edited by team leader, then it will be reviewed by a professional expert and proofreaded by a native reader (if required).


Vietrans applies a charge for native proofreading task depending on the language and complexity of the document.

Vietrans offers translation service for all of major fields, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the translated document formatted?

Document formatting will be agreed upon before quoting and starting the translation. If there is not special requirement on format and presentation, Vietrans will maintain original format or produce the most accurate presentation of the original document.

Does Vietrans use any software for translation?

The use of translation (CAT-based) software will be helpful in maintaining original format and consistent use of terms throughout the document, establishing a complete termbase, and saving a lot of costs and time for clients.

Depending on the project and client’s requirements, Vietrans will consider using CAT-based software in translation. Vietrans will use Trados translation software if so required.

What is the basis of your quote?

We offer our quote on the basis of word volume, field of expertise, format complexity, deadline, and client’s specific requirements.

Will Vietrans support if we want to make some updates?

Vietrans offers free support to our Clients for 01 session of modification or update (less than 100 words).

We shall apply a fee for 2nd session or more or for request for 1st update of more than 100 words.

This translation fee will be charged normally

Does Vietrans offer translation and review services by native linguist?

Yes, we do. But service rate will be much higher than normal services (About 3-10 times higher than normal rates, depending on the language, field, complexity, etc.)

What if the client already has translated version and only asks for review service

Vietrans only accepts to review a document after evaluating the client’s translated version.

In case the translated version to be reviewed is mistranslated for more than 30% of total sentences, or contains many spelling and formating errors,

our review rate shall be 30% higher than normal translation rate

Can you produce a brief translation of keypoints?

We do accept the task to briefly translate keypoints to help the client to have a general understanding of keypoints. Translation rate is dependent on the complexity and client’s specific requirements. We will provide our quote after reviewing the materials and client’s requirements.

Transaction method

There are 02 methods of transaction:

  • The client may directly go to the office of Vietrans or one of our agents will come to your office to discuss about the job.
  • Communications (price quote, contract, delivery) shall be made via email and payment shall be made by bank transfer.

Please refer to: Cooperation Workflow

Document confidentiality

With strict terms and conditions as prescribed in the contract or NDA, Vietrans warrants that the confidentiality of your documents shall be always maintained.

Please refer to our Cooperation Policy andPrice Quote

Is there any discount for large volume?

Yes, there is volume-based discount. Please refer to our Cooperation Policy

Do you offer direct translation from ….. to ….. (without going through Vietnamese)?

Yes, we do. To ensure the maximum accuracy of the translation of one foreign language into another that is not Vietnamese, Vietrans only engages highly qualified native linguists. Therefore, we normally charge higher rates for this service. Please contact use for details.

Can you produce urgent translation for large volume?

For assurance of the best quality of specialized documents, Vietrans may only answer this question after evaluating the complexity and urgency of the documents.