Specialized translation in Natural Resource and Environment Field

Translation of surveys, research, reports, analysis, impact assessment reports, measures for protection and restoration of natural resources, such as: land resources, water resources, forest resources, biological resources, energy resources (coal, oil, natural gas, wind, electricity, nuclear, solar and other energy sources), mineral resources (metals and non-metals) and fossil energy.

Our Team of Professional Experts and Linguists:

  • Have got in-depth training knowledge in natural resource and environment field
  • Have experience participating in large projects
  • Have high-level foreign language skills

Workflow for Natural Resource and Environment Field:

  • Prepare a translation plan

After carefully reviewing content of documents and clients’ specific requirements in terms of terminology, formatting, deadline, etc., we will send to you the most suitable translation plan.

  • Develop and prepare a terminology list

If you already have a pre-existing list of common terms (Termbase for previous projects), please send the list to us for reference.

If there is no pre-existing list of terms, Vietrans will set up a new term list and this will be further updated along with the projects.

We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such a terminology list to be his or her propriety asset.

  • Prepare a uniform formating style guide

After reaching an agreement with the client about text format and style guide, Vietrans will prepare a uniform style guide for text formatting such as letter font, size, heading, numbering, layout, etc. to make it easy for merging and editing tasks later.

Note: We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such a style guide.

  • Translate and review the translation

Our linguists will translate the documents in compliance with the agreed plan under experts’ professional instructions or, depending on the specialty, engage experts to directly translate the documents.

Translated documents are then edited for many times by cross-checking among individual translators, joined, and finally edited by team leader, then it will be reviewed by a professional expert and proofreaded by a native reader (if required)

Note: Vietrans applies a charge for native proofreading task depending on the language and complexity of the document.

Format and presentation:

If the client provides no special requirement on text format or presentation, Vietrans will maintain or present as closely as possible to the original format.

Test translation:

Vietrans will select any paragraph in the client’s document (less than 150 words) and produce a test translation for free.

If the client requests for a test translation of more words or under specific requirements, we reserve the right to charge a test translation fee at normal rate.

Price quote and discount:

  • Depending on each language, the complexity (specialty) of documents, complexity of format, urgency, and client’s special requirements, our quote may be varied within this price range.
  • Vietrans applies a discount to projects with workload of 100 pages or more. Please refer to our Discount Policy

Urgent service:

For urgent projects, our linguists are willing to work overtime to complete the tasks by the required deadline. Therefore, Vietrans reserves the right to charge an additional fee for urgent tasks of 10-30% of normal rate depending on the volume of work, format, and level of urgency.

Translation of additional text and update:

If the Client requests for translation of additional text or update of information, please highlight contents to be translated so that our team may easily find, update, and correct the translation.

Vietrans offers free service for the first update (less than 100 words) and reserves the right to charge an additional fee on excessive or subsequent updates.

Note: If the Client fails to highlight contents to be updated, then Vietrans will charge normal rate for correction task.

Correction of translation:

We only accept to correct a translation of which errors account for no more than 30%. All of translations that are mistranslated for more than 30% will be translated anew.

Note: Rate for correction task is 30% higher than normal translation rate.

Review and proofreading by native readers:

The rate is varied by language, complexity of document, and qualification of the Proofreaders. Please contact Vietrans via our hotline for details.

Information confidentiality:

With strict terms and conditions as prescribed in the contract or NDA, Vietrans assures that the absolute confidentiality of your documents shall be always maintained.

The projects have been translated:

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