Translation of Legal Documents:

We offer translation service for Legal Documents, including legal rules and documents, i.e. laws, codes, decisions, decrees, circulars, official dispatches of committees at various levels, ministries, and departments, such as:

Finance, Industry and Trade, Foreign Affairs, Education and Training, Investment Planning, Science and Technology, Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Information and Communications, Culture, Sports and Tourism, Justice, Public Security, National Department, Home Affairs, Construction, Health, Agriculture and Rural Development, Transport, Natural Resources and Environment.

High-level expertise:

Specialized legal documents are directly translated by our team of highly qualified lawyers with excellent foreign language skills.

For other documents, we offer professional advice and review services by skillful and experienced lawyers in the field.

We assure to provide the best translations of Legal Documents using the highest-level qualifications and grammar.

Workflow for Legal Documents

  • Prepare a translation plan

Vietrans will send a translation plan to the Client after carefully reviewing the document and Client’s specific requirements.

  • Develop and prepare a terminology list

For each project, if the client has no specific requirements regarding his or her own style guide or pre-existing terminology, Vietrans will set up a common terminology list to ensure the consistency throughout the documents. This terminology list will be further enhanced along with the project and become a proprietary “asset” of the client for his or her next projects.

Note: We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such a terminology list.

  • Prepare a uniform formating style guide

The Style Guide is intended to provide common rules about general presentation of the document such as font, font size, heading, numbering, layout, etc. to enable faster and easier combination and correction of translated documents.

Vietrans will reach an agreement with the client about this text formating and style guide before proceeding with the translation.

Note: We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such general style guide (instructions).

  • Translate and review the translation

Our translators perform the tasks following the agreed plan and formating styles under professional experts’ advice (if needed).

Translated documents are then edited for many times by cross-checking among individual translators, joined, and finally edited by team leader, then it will be reviewed by a professional expert and proofreaded by a native reader (if required).


Vietrans applies a charge for native proofreading task depending on the language and complexity of the document.

Price quote and discount:

  • Depending on the complexity (specialty) of documents, complexity of format, urgency, and client’s special requirements, our quote may be varied within this price range.
  • Vietrans has the policy to offer discount to the Client for translation volume of 100 pages or more. Please refer to ourDiscount Policy.

Urgent service:

Our team is capable of working overtime (OT) to deliver the translation before the deadline as required by the client.

However, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of 10-30% of normal translation rate depending on work volume and urgency level.

Correction of translation:

Because of its nature of specialty, to ensure the absolute level of accuracy, we do not accept to correct the translation of any legal document.

Keypoint translation:

Because of its nature of specialty, we do not accept to produce any translation of keypoints of any legal document that demands for absolute level of accuracy (interpretation).

Test translation:

We will select any paragraph in a document (less than 150 words) for test translation.

If so required by the client and word volume is more than the specified limit, we reserve the right to charge a test translation fee at normal rate.

The client’s test translation will be kept absolutely confidential.


To further facilitate the transaction between two parties, please refer to our Cooperation Workflow

Information confidentiality:

With strict terms and conditions as prescribed in the contract or NDA, Vietrans warrants that the absolute confidentiality of your documents shall be always maintained.