Specialized translation in Culture, Education, Tourism, and Sport Field:

Materials promoting literature, culture, history, tourism, sports; music, movies, comics, songs, poems, articles, social and political documents for specialized seminars; books, brochures, media speeches, teaching materials, educational research, etc.

Translation quality:

Specialized translation in Culture, Education, Tourism, and Sport field is not a science of precision, but there are different ways of interpreting a single phrase; therefore, we may provide the translation based on our subjective knowledge and judgments unless the client has provided specific requirements, such as styleguide, glossary, dialect, language, target readers, etc.

Workflow for Culture and Social Field:

  • Prepare a translation plan

Vietrans will provide the client with a suitable translation plan after carefully reviewing client’s documents and specific requirements.

  • Develop and prepare a terminology list

For each project, if the client has no specific requirements regarding his or her own style guide or pre-existing terminology, Vietrans will set up a common terminology list to ensure the consistency throughout the documents. This terminology list will be further enhanced along with the project and become a proprietary “asset” of the client for his or her next projects.

Note: We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such a terminology list.

  • Prepare a uniform formating style guide

Vietrans will discuss and reach an agreement with the client about text format and presentation style. Then, we will prepare a uniform style guide for text formatting such as letter font, size, heading, numbering, layout, etc. and then, our linguist team will proceed with translation task. This will alow us to combine and merge the documents faster and more easily.

Note: We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such a style guide.

  • Translate and review the translation

Our translators perform the tasks following the agreed plan and formating styles under professional experts’ advice (if needed).

Translated documents are then edited for many times by cross-checking among individual translators, joined, and finally edited by team leader, then it will be reviewed by a professional expert and proofreaded by a native reader (if required).

Note: Vietrans applies a charge for native proofreading task depending on the language and complexity of the document.

Explanation of implied ideas:

Please give an explanation to our linguists about the implied ideas that you want to convey so that we may produce the most “satisfactory” translation.

Format and presentation:

Vietrans will retain the format and presentation as similarly as possible to the original documents unless otherwise required by the client.

Test translation:

Vietrans accepts to produce a test translation by selecting a random paragraph (less than 150 words) in the Client’s document and translating it for free.

If the Client requests for test translation of a longer text (more than 150 words), we reserve the right to charge normally.


We only accept to correct a translation of which errors account for less than 30%. A document that is mistranslated for more than 30% will be translated anew.

Please note that: Our correction rate shall be 30% higher than normal translation rate

Translation, correction, and proofreading by native readers:

We do offer translation, correction, and proofreading by native readers. The rate is varied by language, complexity level, document format, deadline, and qualifications of native linguists.

As a rule, the rate for native linguists or experts is usually 3-10 times higher than normal rate.


Please provide us with following information:

  • A pair of source and target languages
  • Preferred text format
  • Deadline
  • Country where the readers are based in?
  • Preferred glossary

Vietrans will provide the Client with an estimated quote, translation plan, commitments to accuracy, confidentiality, and deadline for completion to assure the best service quality for the Client.

Translation quality and discount:

  • Our translation rate is varied by language, level of complexity, document format, urgency, and client’s special requirements, but it will be within this price range.
  • We have the policy to offer discount to projects with translation volume of 100 pages or more. Please refer to our Discount Policy.

Document confidentiality:

Vietrans signs an non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the Client upon the request and makes sure that the Client’s documents are absolutely confidential.