Website Translation/ Localization

Company website, e-portal, sales website, e-commerce site, etc.

  • Translating pre-existing contents or contents copied from client’s website
  • Translating website code

Note: Rate for translating website code will be higher than rate for translating contents in other formats.

You may be rest assured that localized website will:

  • Convey the message in a full manner
  • Provide accurate and complete information
  • Be clearly categorized
  • Be sound and easily understandable

Multilingual website translation:

We offer the service to translate a website into more than one language using similar principles of accuracy, compliance, and appropriateness.

Optimization of translation content:

If you want to have the translation content optimized, please send to us your specific requirements and details of volume of keywords and relevant terms so that our translators may produce an appropriate translation as required.


  • The more specific the requirements are, the easier it will be to optimize the translation.
  • In addition to translation fee, Vietrans also charges a content optimization fee at 50% of normal translation rate.

Website localization workflow:

  • Prepare a translation plan

Vietrans will provide the client with a suitable translation plan after carefully reviewing website content and client’s specific requirements.

  • Translate and edit contents following the translation plan

Our translators perform the tasks following the agreed plan and formating styles under professional experts’ advice (if needed).

Translated documents are then edited for many times by cross-checking among individual translators, joined, and finally edited by team leader, then it will be reviewed by a professional expert and proofreaded by a native reader (if required).

Note: Vietrans applies a charge for native proofreading task depending on the language and complexity of the document.

Test translation:

Vietrans accepts to produce a test translation if so required. We will select any paragraph on the website (less than 150 words) and translate it for free.

If so required by the client and word volume is more than the specified limit, we reserve the right to charge a translation fee at normal rate.

All test translation of website texts shall be strictly confidential.

Correction of website translation/ Localization

We only accept to correct a website translation of which errors account for no more than 30%.

All of translations that are mistranslated for more than 30% will be translated anew.

Translation, correction, and proofreading by native readers

Depending on the type of language and skill level of each expert, our translation, correction, and proofreading services for website content will be differently charged.

Nevertheless, these services are charged more higher than those performed by Vietnamese linguists or experts. Please contact us for details.

Support with editing content

Vietrans offers support in editing content or updating website and this service is offered for free for one time with a volume of less than 100 words.

For subsequent edits, we reserve the right to charge a fee depending on word volume.

Note: please mark the section to be emitted so that our linguist may easily find. Otherwise, we reserve the right to charge a fee for the entire paragraph or text if our linguist has to read and skim the materials again.

Information confidentiality

We assure that all contents on the client’s website will be absolutely confidential and this will be clearly specified in the contract or NDA.

Please refer to information confidentiality policy


For a quick and easy cooperation and translation, please refer to the following Workflow.

Price quote and discount:

Depending on each language and client’s specific requirements, translation rate will be varied within the range as set out in this General Quote.

A discount is available for projects of 100 pages or more. Please refer to our Discount Policy.