Specialized Translation In Healthcare

Translation by doctor

All of Healthcare-related documents are translated by specialized doctors.

We offer translation service for following documents:

  • Research projects, analytical reports, books and articles in Healthcare and Medical Field
  • Technology transfer materials and manuals of Medical equipment for training purpose
  • User manuals of medical equipment, drug instructions for use, nutritional food, etc.
  • Notarization of medical records, export/import documents of medical instruments and drugs

Test translation

For Healthcare field, Vietrans offers test translation service and charges normally.

Format and presentation

Vietrans will retain the format and presentation as similarly as possible to the original documents unless otherwise specifically required by the client.

Rate for specialized translation in Healthcare

To assure the quality of translation, all of documents in Healthcare field will be translated by our team of linguists, who are Doctors, Professors, or physicians with PhD. degree, etc. Therefore, our rate for this field is higher (significantly) than the rate for other fields. Please refer to our General Quote.

Vietrans applies a discount to projects with workload of 100 pages or more. Please refer to our Discount Policy

Urgent service

Because of the specialty and the fact that our healthcare linguists are not available at all times, Vietrans does not offer urgent service for materials in Healthcare field.

Average speed: 10 pages per day.

Please consider your time carefully before placing an order.

Notarized translation of Healthcare materials

Notarization is only applicable to materials with stamps of hospitals or medical centers, etc.

Correction of translation

As Healthcare materials require absolute accuracy, we cannot accept to correct the translation of Healthcare materials.

Information confidentiality

With strict terms and conditions as prescribed in the contract or NDA, Vietrans warrants that the absolute confidentiality of your documents shall be always maintained.

Workflow for large projects in Healthcare field

  • Prepare a translation plan

After carefully reviewing content of documents and clients’ specific requirements in terms of terminology, formatting, deadline, etc., we will send to you the most suitable translation plan.

  • Develop and prepare a terminology list

Please provide us with a list of common terms (pre-existing termbase for previous projects) for reference.

If there is no pre-existing list of terms, Vietrans will set up a new term list and this will be further updated along with the projects.

We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such a terminology list to be his or her propriety asset.

  • Prepare a uniform formating style guide

After reaching an agreement with the client about text format and style guide, Vietrans will prepare a uniform style guide for text formatting such as letter font, size, heading, numbering, layout, etc. to make it easy for merging and editing tasks later.

Note: We shall apply a charge if the client requests for such a style guide.

  • Translate and review the translation

As specialty doctors, our linguists will proceed with the translation in compliance with the agreed plan.

The translation is reviewed and proofreaded for many times by doctors, then formatted and checked by our team.

Healthcare is a unique field that requires the linguists to have in-depth professional knowledge and high-level language skills to be able to properly translate such materials. Vietrans is proud of being the provider of leading Healthcare translation service with a team of trusted linguists as highly qualified and skilled physicians, doctors, and professors from many hospitals across the country.

We offer specialized translation service in Healthcare field and cover most of Healthcare-related areas such as life sciences, human physiology, biomedical physics or bioengineering, as well as pharmaceutical areas such as medicine production, manufacturing and distribution.