Depending on each case and type of visa, there are different requirements on documents. Visa applicants should carefully read visa application procedures on the embassy website of each country to prepare complete documents.

For more information, please contact Vietrans at our hotline for advice.

Notarized Translation Of Visa Application Documents

  • Personal information, personal relationship: identity card, passport, household registration book, temporary residence book, judicial record, curriculum vitae, marriage registration certificate, single status certificate, divorce judgment, relative confirmation, etc.
  • Evidence of financial capability: Land use right, house purchase and sale contracts, savings books, papers of title, etc.
  • Evidence of occupation/qualifications: Labor contracts, leave applications, social insurance books, payroll, bank statements, business registration, tax returns, appointment decisions, business travel decisions, diplomas, transcripts, etc.
  • Letters of statements, letter of explanation, etc.

If you have been applied for visa by your overseas family members or partners, applying documents must be certified by consulate office for use in foreign countries or legalized by consulate office for use in Vietnam. Vietrans is willing to offer consulate legalization service to you. (Please contact use for details)

A set of translation documents for notarization includes: a copy of the translation and confirmation by Notary Public Office (Justice Department or Private Notary Public Office)

Costs of notarized translation consist of:

  • Translation rate: to be varied by language and specialty (please refer to our General Quote)
  • Notarization fee: Consist of proofreading and stamp fees as required by Justice Department
  • Service fee:  apply to urgent service, re-notarization or re-stamping of translation

* Please refer to our Discount Policy for discounts applied to individuals and groups

How long it will take to provide a notarized translation?

Typically, notarized translation will take 01-03 days depending on the language pair and volume of work

In-day notarization

Documents must be received before 09:00 AM

Translation shall be delivered after 04:00 PM

In addition to normal translation and notarization rates, an urgent surcharge of 250,000 VND/times shall be applied.

What is the client required to provide for notarized translation?

Original or notarized copy of the document to be translated (photocopy is not accepted)

Note: All documents must be signed and stamped (completely or jointly).

Is door-to-door delivery service available?

  • We offer door-to-door delivery service (surcharge included) for districts in Saigon and Hanoi
  • For other provinces, delivery is based on courier service (surcharge included)
  • Delivery charge is based upon the courier’s invoice

* Delivery shall be free for invoice value of 5,000,000 VND/times (Translation fee only)

Where is the translation notarized?

Completely translated documents will be notarized in district-level Justice Departments in urban or suburban districts of Hanoi or HCM (state notarization office)

Some documents will be notarized by private notarization offices (Please contact for advice)

Does private notarization have similar validity with public notarization?

Documents notarized or originally certified by private notarization offices will have similar validity with those certified by District-Level Public Notarization. Depending on the purpose, it is advised to select a suitable notarization authority to ensure the effectiveness and save costs.

Please contact Vietrans via our hotline for advice on the most suitable service.

How is the workflow?

Please refer to our Workflow

Notarized translation of documents in foreign languages into Vietnamese

  • All of documents in foreign languages must be legalized by the relevant consulate office prior to notarized translation
  • It is not possible to offer notarized translation service for translated versionof original documents
  • It is not possibleto offer notarized translation service for foreign language translation of a document in another foreign language (not Vietnamese)

I already have translated version. Can you offer notarization service?

In addition to notarization fee, Vietrans also charges a review fee at 50% of normal translation rate

For translated version produced by Vietrans, we charge notarization fee and service charge (listed) of 15,000 – 30,000 VND/copy (depending on the volume of pages per copy)

Translation and confirmation by a translating firm

In addition to translation fee, Vietrans also charges a stamp charge of 20,000 VND per stamp (for 2nd copy or more)

True copy notarization

We only offer true copy notarization service for Vietnamese and English versions to clients that use our translation services

How long will the notarized version be valid for?

All of notarized versions, including notarized translation and true copy notarization, are valid for 06 months from the signing and stamping date

For which languages do you offer notarized translation service?

Vietrans provides notarized translation service for documents in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Lao, Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian, Malaysian, etc.