French Translation

France is known as the cradle of European culture with massive cultural works that are famous all over the world.

Diplomatic relations between France and Vietnam have recently been increasingly strengthened in many fields such as education, technology transfer, technical aspects, financial investment, etc.

In order to make our contribution to the development of the whole society as a bridge leading to the success in cooperation, business, technology exchange for organizations and businesses, Vietrans offers services of French specialized and notarized translation and interpretation:

Specialized French translation:

French for Engineering Technology 

French for Economics – Finance – Banking

French for Law

French for Medicine

French translation for website, media, advertising

French for Education, Sports, and Social Politics

French notarized translation:

Certified translation of French visa applications

Certified translation of French bidding documents

Notarized French translation of medical records, verification documents and license applications

French interpretation:

French translation and interpretation in forms of interpretation, cabin interpretation, consecutive interpretation for seminars of Health, Information Technology, Communications, Environment, Education, Machinery, Art, etc.

Quotes for French translation and notarization

Depending on the specialized level of each specialty, the format of documents and your specific requirements, French translation cost will vary.

Notary fees apply to all documents.

Please see General quotation

Process of French translation project

  • Build a translation plan

After thoroughly studying your documents as well as your specific needs, Vietrans will offer the most suitable translation solution.

  • Compile and develop specialized Frenchglossary

For each project, without your specific request on using your available glossary, Vietrans will compile a common French glossary to unify the terms throughout the text. The French glossary will be accumulated in projects and considered your own “properties” for subsequent projects.

Note: We will charge a fee at your request for such French glossary.

  • Set an agreed text format

Prior to the translation, Vietrans will obtain your consent on the format and layout of the text, then set up a general provisions on the presentation such as font, font size, heading, numbering, layout, etc. Such general formulation helps us easier and faster in assembling and editing the French documents.

Note: We will charge a fee at your request for this guideline.

  • Translation and edit

Our French translators will perform the translation in the agreed format and guideline, and with professional advice, if necessary.

The document is edited several times by cross-checking among translators, assembled and generally edited by a team leader and experts and proofread by native speakers, where required.

Note: Proofreading services by native speakers, depending on the language and difficulty of the text will be charged.

Translation test:

Vietrans accepts French translation test of documents at your request. We will select any paragraph (less than 150 words) in the document and translate it for free.

If the test translation at your request exceeds the specified number of words, Vietrans will charge it at the same rate as normal translation fee.

All French translation documents are maintained strictly confidential.

French translation software:

French translation software helps the terms be consistent, the format be kept unchanged, set up and build up a specialized glossary, saving your time and cost.

Vietrans employs Trados which can provide translation upon request.

French translation edit:

We only provide edit service to French translations of no more than 30% in default.

An edit of any translation of more than 30% wrong will be deemed a translation.

Translation, interpretation, proofreading by native speakers:

Depending on the specialty and level of expert, services of translation, edit, and proofreading will be charged accordingly.

However, this kind of service is charged much higher than that provided by Vietnamese translators and experts. Please contact us for specific advice.

Content editing support:

Vietrans supports one free revise of content or information update which is no more than 100 words.

Any revise to the content after the first free one will be charged on the number of words to adjust.

Note: Please mark any sections requiring edit so that translators can easily find them. Without your marking, we will charge the whole paragraph or the whole document since our translator should read and review through the document.


We are committed to secure your documents in strict confidentiality, which is clearly stated in the contract or nondisclosed agreement.

Please refer to Confidentiality Policy