Translation service

Translation is the form of transforming a document from its source language to its target language. This service has been being professionally developed and expanded all over the world and translation service sector in Vietnam is also in this development trend.

We are aiming at becoming the No. 1 provider of high-level, specialized translation services in Vietnam and offering high-quality certified translation service at the most competitive rates.

Our linguists never stop acquiring new knowledge to catch up with current trends and utilize full potential of their high-level foreign language skills to deliver the most “qualified” translation products. In addition, with a lean and streamlined management system and a team of highly dedicated and cooperative linguists, who are always demonstrating good teamwork skills and “readiness for service”, we are capable of delivering quick, effective, and professional service quality at the most competitive and affordable prices in the market.


In Vietrans, specialized translation is not merely a regular translation service, but a high-level service. To be able to deliver a high-level specialized translation, it is largely dependent on professional knowledge, language skills, and comprehension and expression abilities of the linguists. In addition, document analysis, consistent use of specialized terminology, document formating, assignment of right linguists, review and final edit, etc. are all essential tasks that require teamwork skills of linguist and expert teams in the project management process.

Specialized Translation Workflow

  1. Analysis: Project Manager is responsible to analyze content of a document, classify its complexity and field, and then assign it to a team with suitable competences
  2. Approval of Styles and Methods: Team Leader will consult an expert in the field (if necessary), then work with team members to reach an approval of translation method, terminology, and document format
  3. Translation: Translators perform their jobs in accordance with the approved plan
  4. Review: Team Leader collects translated files, check and review the translation, and then format the whole document
  5. Expert Review: Translated files are finally checked and reviewed by experts in the relevant fields before being delivered to the clients

Specialized translation includes following services:

  1. Technology and engineering
  2. Geology, biology, environment, agriculture and forestry
  3. Business, finance, banking
  4. Laws
  5. Pharmaceutical
  6. Website localization
  7. Culture, education, tourism, politics, society


In addition to the goal to become the No. 1 provider of high-level, specialized translation service in Vietnam, Vietrans Translation Co., Ltd. also sets its goal to become the provider of high-quality, professional notarized translation services at the most affordable price in the country.

Notarized translation is not as difficult as specialized translation, but it requires the linguists, editors, and notarizing agents to have higher document formating skills, carefulness, dedication, and patience.

Most of notarized translation materials contain a lot of information and figures that are easily vulnerable to errors, which requires a lean and streamlined workflow to eliminate such errors.

A set of translation documents for notarization includes: a copy of the translation and confirmation by Notary Public Office (Justice Department or Private Notary Public Office)

Notarized Translation Workflow:

  1. Classification of documents for notarization and assignment to suitable linguists
  2. Proceed with the translation
  3. Correction of translation
  4. Printing and proceed with notarization

Notarized translation includes following services:

  1. Notarized Translation of Visa Application
  2. Notarized translation of bid documents
  3. Notarized Translation of Medical Records and other documents

Vietrans always works hard to improve our lean system to meet our Clients’ high requirements for professional translation services at the most affordable prices in the market.


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