Interpreting Service

Vietrans offers all types of high-quality interpreting services, including:

  • Conference interpreting
  • Escort interpreting
  • Ads video translation

Benefits of high-quality interpreting service:

  • Maximize work performance
  • Minimize clients’ time and budget investments


High-quality interpreting service is much more expensive than normal service.


  • Our interpreters are experts in the field
  • Be fluent in 02 languages
  • Have good situation handling skills
  • Have good experience in large conferences


  • Be fluent in 02 languages
  • Have excellent knowledge in the field
  • Be quick-witted and handle the situation professionally
  • Have good health and ability to deal with work stress


  • Good literacy skills
  • Have media knowledge
  • Have the ability to edit and write scripts

For ads video, it is not only about accurate translation, but we pay more attention to the message to be conveyed in each commercial and literacy level in each word.

Do you offer TVC subtitling and dubbing services?

Yes. We do offer TVC subtitling and dubbing services for a variety of languages.

How can the interpreter’s qualifications be evaluated?

We will send our interpreters’ CVs to the client for preliminary evaluation. Then, we may arrange an online interview for no more than 15 mins so that the client may directly evaluate our interpreters’ qualifications.


Only online interview is facilitated until a qualified interpreter is selected.

What is the client required to provide for the interpreting session?

To help the interpreter make the best preparation for the interpreting session, the client should provide:

  • Presentation
  • Schedule
  • And other relevant materials (if any)


The more information there is, the better interpretation quality will be. We will not accept to offer our interpreting service without prior preparation or information on relevant topics.

How do you make sure that customer information is not disclosed?

Based on NDA with strict terms and conditions binding upon related parties, Vietrans warrants that the privacy of information provided by the client shall always be maintained.

Urgent interpreting:

We do not offer urgent interpreting service as we cannot guarantee the best quality of our work.

For cabin, consecutive, or project interpreting: a 10 working day prior notice is required.

For escort interpreting: a 05 working day prior notice is required.

Do you offer hour-based interpreting service?

Hour-based interpreting service is only applicable to easy forms such as escort interpreting or telephone interpreting.

For conference interpreting, we only accept jobs that last for at least 01 interpreting session (half a working day)

Do you offer project interpreting service?

Yes. We do offer project interpreting service.

Depending on work volume, nature of work, location, and working conditions, etc., both parties shall negotiate the most suitable rates.

Interpreting Quote

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