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Notary translation of visa application

In recent years, the cooperation between Vietnam and other countries in the world in education, investment and trade has been expanded. The living standards of the people have been improved and improved, the demand for traveling and studying abroad has gradually become popular. Vietrans Translation Company provides notary translation services of visa application for tourist, trade, study abroad, employment and foreign settlement … as follows:

If you apply for a visa in Vietnam, relevant documents in Vietnamese will need to be translated and notarized into English (or the language of the country you are applying for) to submit to the Embassy.

The visa application includes documents such as identity card, passport, birth certificate, single certificate, criminal record, marriage registration, divorce decree, account statement, household registration, decision on appointment, decision of work, labor contract, payroll, insurance book, diploma, transcript, certificate … depending on the type of visa that need different records.

After the translation, if you have no time or no experience in applying for a visa, Vietrans will provide you with this service, from consulting documents until paying the visa to the customer.

If you are applying for a visa in a foreign country, you need a consular document for use  in overseas or a consular legalization of documents for use in Vietnam. Vietrans Translation Services will provide you with that service.

Vietrans Translation Company is proud to be a prestigious translation partner in the field of visa applications of Hanoitourist Travel Company, Honggaitour, Skytravel, Hanoi Continental, Goldenlotustravel, Vivatour … and many other companies and individuals.

Notary translation of visa application in languages:

English,Chinese,  French, Russian, German, Italian , Czech,  Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian,Thai, Lao, Cambodian, Notary translation of other languages

Notary translation

1, Translation fee: Personal papers 30k – 35k / page, contract, decision .. (Long content) 40-45k / page

2, Notary fee (Seal fee of Justice Department): The fee is prescribed by the Justice Department

3, Service fees: includes printing, travel and other expenses for notarization, notary service fee includes expedited service or normal service depending on your needs. (Fee service for large numbers of documents)

Notarization and duplication:

Duplication cost is calculated per page and depends on each language and quick and slow service. Average from 5,000 VND to 10,000 VND / page

Prestige is a success in business, Vietrans Translation Company commits to provide good services with low cost and  the most economical for customers