Service Process


Step 1: Provision of original materials:

Please provide us:

1. Document information:

Language, specialty, text format, quantity, sample documents, etc.

2. Specific translation requirements:

  • Target language
  • Format, presentation
  • Dateline

3. Other information

  • Country of the reader
  • Custom glossary

4. Submission of documents:

  • Soft copies may be e-mailed to our office or documents are delivered to Vietrans Sales Department.
  • In cases of large number of documents or strict confidentiality, Vietrans will come to pick up your documents for quotes (since documents require professional evaluation for any proposals and translation plans, we do not offer any quotation at your place)
  • Your documents are maintained strictly confidential.

Step 2: Quotation

Receiving all the information specified in Step 1, our Sales Department will work with the Project Management and Translation Department to perform the following steps:

  • Document review
  • Make a quote

Step 3: Translation plan

Upon your consent on the quotation, Vietrans offers a Translation Plan for your documents.

Step 4: Service performance

When Steps (1), (2) and (3) have been completed, both parties will enter into an agreement and execute cooperation and payment procedures.


Step 1: Providing information

Please provide us with interpretation information such as language, form of interpretation, number of listeners, location, etc.

Step 2: Quotation

Achieving sufficient information, Vietrans will advise and propose a quotation at the best price.

Step 3: Sign an interpreting contract

Reaching a consent on the quotation, both parties will enter into an interpretation contract.

Step 4: Performance and acceptance

  • Vietrans is provided with your materials for reference
  • Our interpreters perform the interpretation
  • Both parties conduct acceptance at the end of the interpretation session